Amy Frieson

about me

  • I'm a freelance web developer, currently working on an app to translate a series of vocabulary-building workbooks into the digital realm. In past professional lives, I've been a children's book editor and career counselor, though I've dabbled with code and software all my life (i.e. played Mouse Practice as a five-year-old).
  • In 2018, I won a full scholarship through Grow with Google to complete a Front-End Nanodegree through Udacity, after finishing an initial "challenge" in the top 10% of participants. Since completing the program, I'm looking to transition into full-time development, ideally for a company where my range of interests and my communication skills will be an asset.
  • My editorial and problem-solving abilities drive my code and design. I strive to make my work accessible, useful, and enjoyable.
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Until I bite the bullet and sign up for Twitter, you can find me on CodePen , LinkedIn , and GitHub !